Hydraulic system engineering

        The KSM-HYDRO leading activity is engineering of new and modernization of existing hydraulic systems regardless of complexity and automation level:

  • hydraulic stations engineering any pre-project basic engineering level (either in case of an official technical specification absence)
  • hydraulic stations engineering "turn-key basis" (hydraulic equipment + control cabinets + Automatic Process Control System)
  • intermediate plates and manifolds engineering based on computer static pressure simulation
  • modernization of existing hydraulic equipment in accordance with Customer requirements
  • hydraulic equipment technical solutions 3D visualization (either on the basic engineering stage of pre-project elaboration)
  • сomplete set elaboration of requested technical documentation (schemes, drawings, instructions, etc.)

        The highly qualified specialists allows to develop "from scratch" or upgrade an existing hydraulic system regardless of complexity and to provide the Customer the optimal technical solution

        At the pre-project basic engineering stage, a detailed analysis of the technical parameters and operating conditions of the hydraulic system is carried out, on the basis of which the Customer is provided with the optimal technical solution




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